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Apologies in advance if this is considered thread necro but I didn't want to create a dupe thread on this issue. No one has seem to specifically discuss the implications of changing a game's default vi refresh rate.

Is there a way to achieve the same behavior presented in "1964 0.85" with the 60FPS modification in regards to how Goldeneye and Perfect Dark perform?

To clarify, 1964 is able to run those games at 60FPS but retain the regular timing of the game speed resulting in a much smoother experience at regular speed.

In the latest P64 1.7, when I change the Vi Refresh Rate, it does increase the frame rate of the actual game, but as a result it also increases the game speed. I am wondering if there is currently a way to increase game FPS but still retain the game speed just like 1964 emulator handles it.

What settings should I use for the vi refresh rate and counter factor?

I have tried things like sync game to audio which makes the audio normal speed, but the game logic and graphics still performs like it is on crack.

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