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Originally Posted by nintendo1889 View Post
I should note pressing F1 crashes the ROM and emulator.
Sorry I forgot to go back and confirm this.

The issue happens with zilmar's RSP, not just my DLL.
So it almost certainly is indeed because of event handling with re-starting tasks for WDC/SR64.

Just making sure that it's not an issue I need to fix (heh, sounds funny I know).

Originally Posted by suanyuan View Post
any instruction to compile your RSP project with VC and gcc?
So things I should do in the next release / zip upload:
  • add vs project build config files so that people compile using the correct settings, maybe an easy MinGW invocation script to build all those DLLs easily too
Nothing else?
No error messages about corner cases and edge conditions I get to test in the RSP emulator?
Never-before-exploited features?

Otherwise I can only judge my RSP emulator to be perfect as of the current implementation. There might be one or two things I could still have done to speed it up faster.

Originally Posted by suanyuan View Post
and how to configure to build a specific type of RSP?
Use `config.h`.

/* Choose whether to define, or keep undefined, the above macros. */
#define MINIMUM_MESSAGE_PRIORITY    1 // show most messages of RSP weirdness
// #define EXTERN_COMMAND_LIST_GBI // Not really recommended but user preference
// #define EXTERN_COMMAND_LIST_ABI // Not really significant but user preference
// #define SEMAPHORE_LOCK_CORRECTIONS // Recommended only for CPUs supporting it
// #define WAIT_FOR_CPU_HOST // Never use, except with some ROMs on Project64 2.
// #define SP_EXECUTE_LOG // For debugging only.  Keep it off to free CPU.
// #define VU_EMULATE_SCALAR_ACCUMULATOR_READ // experimental but needs tests
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