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Zelda Ocarina 1.0

Half Frames
80006463 00xx
80006493 00xx
Also causes pause menu error/crashing on affected PJ64 versions.

Zelda Majora's Mask (U)

Half Frames
80098063 00xx
80098093 00xx
Too high values cause it to run faster than meant to and freezing after changing areas,using 2 is good also 20 and 32 seem to work fine as well,may be useful to combine with the lag fix code ( 8009B252 000D ) too,but probably not since I caught a bug matching similarities to Ocarina with pausing.
The 1964 emu runs Majora's Mask perfectly with the code while showing the internal 2900-3000 VI/s when the values are 32.
Same as PJ64,turn off "Speed Limit" and use an audio plugin with sync to get proper speeds,which 1964's audio plugin happens to have conveniently.
Edit: Bad issue,the moon counter goes too fast,dammit! Use activators to change it to the 1 as default when approaching timers.

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