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Diddy Kong Racing (U) (V1.0)

Glitchy Racer Size and AI LOD?
800154F4 00E4

Glitchy Object Impacts
8001567F 0004

Trees Infinitely Hit After One Impact
80015687 0018

Phase Through Objects
8001572B 0018
Even Taj but also entrances.

Alt Phase Through
80015733 0000

Unfair Collisions
810158B0 1000

Broken Square Shadows
800158D3 0050

Broken Object Displacement
800158D4 00E6

Bouncy Displaced Stuff
800158E0 00E6

More Bouncy Stuff
80015910 00E6

Object Collision Knockback Mod
810159E2 xxxx
4180=Really Strong

Slightly Unfair Knockback Range
81015CF2 4018

Warp Bonk
80015D18 0066

Frequent Knockback Blockage
81015DEC 0000
81015DEE 0000

No Knockback Response
80016157 0000
No voice or reaction,just knocked back physically.

Trees Relocate When Hit
800161C0 00E4

Trees Warp On Hit
800161CC 00E4

Bumping Racers Causes Dead Stop
8001656C 00C7

Bump Into Racer Sound Mod
8101661A xxxx
0077=Goodbye Kid!
012C=Sherbet Island
0130=Whale Bay

Bump Sound Volume Boost
80016627 0024

Bump Stuff For Condition Changes
8101669A xxxx
Excludes walls.
0003=Become Audibly T.T.
01D3=Emit Fiery Smoke
01DB=Long Spin-out
01ED=Short Squishing

Bump Voice Sounds Shifter?
810166A6 xxxx
01C6=Banjo as Diddy?

Stuff Strong Knockback
800166BC 00E6

Instant Turn On Bump
8001670F 00FA

Dinosaur Collision Size?
80016822 xxxx
Ancient Lake green dino.
3D49=Can Drive Through

Phase Through Dinosaur
81016844 1000

Grapple Dinosaur's Tail
800169EF 0001

Frogs Not Squishable
81016F10 1000
Also don't run from you.

All Frogs Always Squishing
80016F13 0001
Unlocks Drumstick if his frog was there.

Doors Have Wacky Collision
800170E2 007E
These door codes may also affect the pillars on Tricky's race.

Displaced Doors
800170F4 00E4
Includes Wizpig head.

Doors At Wrong Height
80017104 00E4

Another Displacced Doors
80017114 00E4
Different spots,even the trophy race panel has moved!

Double Doors Wrong Distances
80017138 00E4

Doors Pushy Collision
80017178 00C4

Doors Like To Squish You
80017190 00C7

Doors Are Mean
810171AE xxxx
Touch one to get tilted or sent flying,trophy stand is even more mean.
3FD0=Stick To Trapped

Colliding Doors Warps You
800171C7 0094

More Displaced Doors
800171F8 00E4

Doors And Stuff Fling You Away
80017200 00C7
Touch to get flinged away.

Another Fling
80017218 00C7

Wildly Displacing Doors
800172F8 00E4

Doors Always Open
81017330 0000
81017332 0000
May not work when you lack the needed balloons.

Alt Always Open
80017354 0064

Stubborn Doors
80017360 0010
You have to push against them in certain ways to make them open.

Doors Won't Open But Can Be Clipped Through
80017373 0000

Doors More Likely To Open
8001738B 0000

Phase Through Doors
800173D4 0010
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