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Originally Posted by et500 View Post
Wave Race 64 water is looking strange when using this RSP plugin, it shows some kind of grid on it when using Jabo Video in LLE. Using z64gl the water is fine but the sky effects seem to be rendered wrong. Don't know if the RSP or video plugin is the cause however.
If it appears fine in z64gl, then it probably was fault of Jabo D3D8.

If you're not sure, remember you can always test with zilmar's RSP for Project64.
If you have the same issue on both RSP plugins, but changing the gfx plugin fixes it, you think that probably the RSP is not to blame.

Originally Posted by suanyuan View Post
there are several options:

(1) copy the z64gl.pdb file to the same folder of z64gl, then you should be able to find out which line of code cause the crash.
(2) tested with debug build

Did you get a message from windows asking you if you want to debug it with a debugger?
Heh, good idea I guess.

I never did use the integrated debugger.
Hell, I wrote my own RSP debugger instead of using zilmar's most of the time.

I'll compile the debug build and get back to you with some debug info, unless I'm too uneducated with the WINAPI to get even that far. T_T
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