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(sorry to revive old thread)
So we shouldn't use Xinput then?
just checking if that's the official verdict.. It's given me the run around for a few hours this morning trying to get profiles to work.

I guess I can just go ahead and map my xinput controllers into the standard buttons, but will that mean I get the usual L + R trigger clashing when they are used at the same time?

up until recently, I actually had been using "Nrage Direct-input 8 1.8a" for years and its fine.
why you may ask? because that was before the "Device Select" dropdown box was removed. A lot of us still use Direct input, even more so now that there are plenty of these Mayflash 4x Gamecube adapters kicking about. I need only load the one profile on all 4 controllers, and then simply change the device on the long forgotten device select drop down.
Unless it was fixed at some point, controller profiles won't work if you're using an adapter with multiple ports. it always reverts them to the first controller.

I've just moved overseas and I decided to only bring 4x Ps3(xinput) controllers, leave all the NGC/N64 controllers and their adapters at home. So now that I'm strictly Xinput, I was looking at my options.

thanks for any advice.
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