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Disclaimer. The attachments of plugins to the second and third posts of this thread use 7ZFM's ZIP archival to store the same content as was released by plugin authors. No files were removed, changed or added to the original archives released by those authors.

As tempted as I was to replace Rice's inferior 6.1.0 INI configuration file with my FB and R-T testing, I recognized that doing so would differentiate from the official release of the 6.1.0c version and its liable consequences. Same thing goes with olivieryuyu's 1964 INI in the Glide64 releases, just because that guy creeps me out. Even though it had nothing to do with the plugin (or a more superior 1964 INI) I left it there cause otherwise it contradicts Gonetz's method of archival.

For some odd reason 7-Zip File Manager, set to maximum instead of ultra compression setting, beats all of the original ZIP file sizes if the plugin was released in ZIP archive. Sometimes "Ultra" setting is actually a couple hundred bytes more to the file, so weaker compression with less bytes in file size is advantage.