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Smile Controler files

i have put together some controler files for you to enjoy

normal.cpf is what i use with most games

f-zero.cpf is exactly the same but the L and Z buttons are swapped around so its easier to do the strafing thing (dont know what they call it) and its probably also good for Lylat Wars (Star Fox 64) and some other games.

PD.cpf is good for perfect dark and goldeneye and uses the mouse, I'll explain the controls;

(note: in Perfect dark set the ingame controls to 1.2 and turn invert y axis off, you will also need to set the ingame controls in goldeneye)

The brackets are the n64 controls

Mouse (analog stick) - look around

Left click (Z) - fire

Right click (A) - switch weapons

W/up (D-pad up/C up) - forwards

S/down (D-pad down/C down) - backwards

A/left (D-pad left/C left) - strafe left

D/right (D-pad right/C right) - strafe right

shift/ctrl (L/R) - aiming mode (works realy bad with the mouse)

R (B) - action (you might want to set the B button to E instead of R, i have it as R cos thats what im used to in star wars jka)

enter (start) - pause

Feel free to comment and/or make requests.
I hardly visit these forums so you may need to email requests
I also have a logitech Wingman Rumblepad for those of you with usb controler requests
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