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Default Super Mario 64 60FPS HACK incomplete

I need some help. Need to test some of the levels to find what else needs to get done..

Still looking for Mario HEX animation code so we can slow him down like the other objects.

retroben's FPS code seems edit: to work like a charm!

Don't forget to set

sync using audio audio = off
FAT = off
VI refresh rate 2200

Super Mario 64 NTSC

set up the following cheat codes.

Please let me know what you think we can do for the rest of the hack.

60 FPS (retroben)
A024810C 0000

Slow Camera Speed (yoshielectron) great code!!
812893FE 3D00
8128941A 3D00

Slow Objects (yoshielectron) need improvements not all objects are there adjusted speed to 30 frames of animation, how about Mario too?

The 11th code can be adjusted to speed up and slow down the frames of animation. I have it set to 1 but I think it might still be too slow. Trying to achieve exactly 30fps since the frame-rate has been doubled.

8129D84E FFFF
8133D2D0 3C02
8133D2D2 8034
8133D2D4 8C44
8133D2D6 D3D0
8133D2D8 1480
8133D2DA 0004
8133D2DC 0000
8133D2DE 0000
8133D2E0 2405
8133D2E2 0001
8133D2E4 1000
8133D2E6 0004
8133D2E8 AC45
8133D2EA D3D0
8133D2EC 2484
8133D2F0 AC44
8133D2F2 D3D0
8133D2F4 2404
8133D2F6 0040
8133D2F8 03E0
8133D2FA 0008
8133D2FC AC44
8133D2FE D480
810EE060 8033
810EE062 D2D0

Slow Mario Animations (unknown)

First place prize is "mad props!"


This doesn't seem to work, but does control some aspects of Mario's movements. If movement speed was going to get used there would be quite a few codes to figure out for all Mario's animations.

Run Speed Modifier 19

81265366 ????
81265380 4604
812653A8 1000
812653CE XXXX
812653EE XXXX

19 ???? is your acceleration. I advise keeping between 4000 and 4400. XXXX and XXXX are Max Speed (Default 4240). They should both match.
Book recommendation!

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