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Originally Posted by SquallLeonhart View Post
Originally Posted by squall.leonhart View Post
It's specific to the video card in use. The amount of information specified with the problem more than outweighs any lacking of thoroughly searching the forum for any time this exact issue might have been mentioned here.
Originally Posted by squall_leonhart View Post
Damn, we've got a ho-asis of squalls here on this forum tonight.

Originally Posted by Jabo View Post
sounds like it's probably time for a sticky thread in here too....
And if there's a third consecutive thread asking why Link doesn't render in the Equipment sub screen right afterwards, we'll know to just not say anything next time.

And yeah it's looking a good idea to stick to the native plugins for information here. I basically need to keep a little more conscious and avoid mentioning the other / "third-party" plugins in this forum where available.