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Originally Posted by mesk14 View Post
All Star Baseball 99-this game works fine until the players take the field.Then it crashes with this error.Same for both plugins

YEAH! This is the kind of thing I needed to see.

LLV weird addr means the game is attempting to register a transaction between SP DMEM to the vector register file which is not aligned on the 32-bit allocation barrier.

I'll try to see where in the game that happens so I can debug it exactly; it will be easy to fix now that I know it happens trust me.

Originally Posted by mesk14 View Post
All Star Baseball 2000-this game works fine until players take the field,then the speed drops to an unplayable rate.Both plugins are the same,although z64gl is just a sliver faster,but still unplayable.
Weird, Bighead's list says it's playable on Apollo with Azimer's audio and Glide64 HLE...wonder if there is a LLE issue or if it is a core issue; I'll see about testing it.

Originally Posted by mesk14 View Post
Ill be testing more games today,ill test as many as I can to help out.Any specific games you would like tested?
Seems you're doing a fair job already.
Basically games that do things different from most games, oddities or unusual code run on the RSP.
But, we'd be hard-pressed to automatically know which games fall under that.

So, leisure play through your favorite games as if you're having fun with a stable version and not like, just beta-testing or something is also cool. Am trying to also support an optimized gaming experience in LLE as well somewhat.

Originally Posted by mesk14 View Post
Quick question-does z64gl only run in 640x480 in fullscreen? Ive edited the config file but when going FS,it goes not higher then 640x480
That's because Project64 2.0 isn't reading the z64gl.conf file under $emu\Plugin. You may need to use some other emulator like Mupen64 or Project64 1.6 to get the conf to load so that you can play with whatever resolution.

Originally Posted by mesk14 View Post

Bomberman 64-this game loads,but when you gain control the fps drops to unplayable rate.Using a HLE audio plugin helps,but then the audio is scratchy.
I played Bomberman 64 on my RSP plugin...thought for sure it was playable; could you upload a saved state for me to download into the emu and test?

Originally Posted by mesk14 View Post
Bomberman Hero-Unplayable w\both plugins.JD3D8 scrambles graphics,z64gl the graphics are fine but its too slow to be playable.Using HLE audio plugin w\z64gl speeds it up some,but then the audio starts to crackle
I don't know anything about this game, so a saved state would be of use here for me, too.
Thanks for the help!
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