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Originally Posted by FatCat View Post
I also had no idea that my plugin would become this famous.

I just created this thread hoping I would get some testing info, went to bed straight after, presuming nobody was going to reply to my thread. Instead, I wake up and see that 45 people downloaded my attached plugins XD, I was like WTF.

Since my work seems a bit more popular than I expected, I'm deciding to give each DLL its unique name for clarity purposes when testing the different versions.

rsp_mle.dll is basically the exact same as zilmar's RSP Project64 (HLE audio, LLE everything else for speed, less accurate gfx) default settings, only it is an interpreter to prevent crashes caused by compiler predictions.
If the MLE version isn't super-accurate as you said, what would be an RSP plugin that I can use with Glide 64 and Jabo's DSound plugin? I know one is HLE and the other is LLE (I think), I probably chose the worst of the bunch to use for testing....sorry for reporting useless info on the tests, seeing as I used the wrong plugin and all

Aw dammit.
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