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Hmm it seems that your understanding is approximate.

MLE means that there is a hybrid of HLE and LLE.
rsp_mle.dll and rsp_lle.dll are both MLE plugins, which is somewhat confusing.
rsp_mle is MLE because the GPU plugin must be HLE; the SPU plugin must be LLE.
rsp_lle.dll is MLE because the GPU must be in LLE; the SPU must be HLE.
They both mix HLE and LLE graphics/audio plugins, just that which one gets inverted.

Originally Posted by nintendo1889 View Post
Jabo's Direct3D8 1.6.1/ are LLE-based GPU plugins right? So for that, I'd need to use rsp_lle.dll, I think.
The thing about Jabo's 1.7, is that it can use either HLE **or** LLE.
It will use, whatever the RSP commands it.
That's why checking "Use high level GFX ?" in Project64 settings makes Jabo's Direct3D run in HLE, whereas leaving it unchecked tells Jabo to do LLE.

Either rsp_lle.dll (HLE audio but LLE gfx) or rsp.dll (LLE every single thing) will do LLE gfx and use the feature.

Um, Jabo's Direct3D8 1.6.1, has no LLE.
Jabo couldn't backport his LLE graphics emulator from 1.7 to his final plugin release for graphics. It might be in part because zilmar upgraded the plugin specs in pj64 1.7 and pj64 1.6 couldn't support those features.

Originally Posted by nintendo1889 View Post
BTW, how long has that sound plugin been LLE?
Jabo's sound plugin has always been a LLE sound plugin to my knowledge?

So if you use my `rsp_lle.dll` (again, misleading ... the GPU plugin must be LLE but the audio is done in HLE) with Jabo's LLE audio emulator, you get no sound.
There is no sound when using a HLE RSP with a LLE audio emulator, or vice versa....

So my RSP plugin forces nothing, just relies on the correct graphics and audio plugins to be set in the emulator config, with respect to the correct rsp dll.
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