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Originally Posted by RPGMaster View Post
I love 1964 . From my experience, it had the lowest desync rate out of the 3 kailera emulators.

I'll need to try out AQZ sometime, to see if that's equal to or better than 1964 Kailera. Too bad I can't use 1964 with AQZ netplay plugin. PJ64 only works with AQZ netplay if you enable fixed audio timing, but that messes up the audio.

What kind of UI changes would you like to see?
I never got AQZ to work, mea nd my friend tried in a 15 hour Skype call mainly consisting of it.
I used 1964 on my OLD OLLLLLD Legacy PC in 2009-2011.
It was a windows XP from 2002, with integrated graphics, 512 MB of ram, 32 MB of graphics memory, and a maximum of 24 bit color deph.
It ran at ~24 FPS at any plugin's lowest settings, which surprises me.
It's CPU was weaker then a Intel Pentium.
I believe it was clocked a 1.2 GHZ.
So 1964 is REALLY fast.
As for UI changes,
it's not really the time where lists of test are a game list, anymore.
I mean, thinking of PPSSPP again, what surprised me was actually how great
it's UI is. It's the only emulator I know of that actually has a good UI. Most are just lists, with the exception of dolphin, which is LISTS with thumbnails.
Like,when you start it, it should have a clean, high poly N64 logo rotate, then have it auto-full screen into a main menu of sorts, with a game option, a options option, and a plugin configure option.
choosing the game option should bring up a section that displays games, like, if you look at your games in steam big picture, you have a thumbnail, title and description, and the games are listed horizontally. (It also has smooth Xinput support.)
Which would be a good look for the game list, and you could get 'thumbnail packs' for custom thumbnails, while the default is the boxart.
Right clicking, or hitting some button on a controller could bring up a configuration, allowing the memory expansion, data type, default plugins, etc.
The options menu (from the main menu) would let you configure the settings of pj64, like cheats, the sp hack, the default plugins, allow advanced options, etc.
The plugins option would let you configure plugins.

Also, maybe they could add netplay?
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