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Originally Posted by drahsid View Post
I never got AQZ to work, mea nd my friend tried in a 15 hour Skype call mainly consisting of it.
I used 1964 on my OLD OLLLLLD Legacy PC in 2009-2011.
It was a windows XP from 2002, with integrated graphics, 512 MB of ram, 32 MB of graphics memory, and a maximum of 24 bit color deph.
It ran at ~24 FPS at any plugin's lowest settings, which surprises me.
It's CPU was weaker then a Intel Pentium.
I believe it was clocked a 1.2 GHZ.
So 1964 is REALLY fast.
As for UI changes,

The plugins option would let you configure plugins.

Also, maybe they could add netplay?
Lol in my honest opinion, I think you're asking for too much . Anyway, I kinda agree with you about the UI though. I'd like to see an improvement myself, but nothing as drastic as what you suggest xD.

1964 is awesome man! Its Kaillera implementation needs a little fixing, and maybe the UI could use a few tweaks, but otherwise, it's amazing.

I tried seeing if I could fix/tweak PJ64 2.1, but I gave up, due to it being more complicated than I anticipated. It's not that it's too difficult, but more like too time consuming. Time is important! I really wish PJ64 2.1 had that on the fly plugin swap!

AQZ is easy to setup, I just don't like how I'm limited to either Mupen64, or PJ64 1.7/2.1 with fixed audio timing on (which I don't like).
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