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        File buffer [block] is renamed, changing Link's name as well.
        Let [string] be the string of eight ASCII characters to replace with.

        Usable characters for code point conversion:
            '0123456789' (code points universal to all versions)
            'abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz' (0x24:0x3D USA, 0xC5:0xDE JAP)
            ' ' (used either as a space or to null-terminate writing)
            '-' (JAP more like an en dash)
            ':' (JAP works fine, USA file label, EUR new glyph in game play)
            '~?!(),/' (JAP)
            '' (EUR)
You can use any of those characters to rename your file.

What the game does with less-than-8-character names is just pad with spaces until the name is 8 characters, so you have to fill in the spaces yourself when renaming the file.

Example if you want to rename File 1 to "Link", you actually have to specify as
"Link    "
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