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Update--I could swear that somebody in one of the threads here (or maybe in a PM) asked about the lottery numbers and how the flash save file stores the winning numbers. Can't remember where or who it was.

Well actually I just happened upon a pattern that fit exactly that, so it's implemented.

Now this save editor can be used to view or change the winning 3 lottery numbers.

The command to do it goes something like:
zs ./mysavefile.fla -l 0 1 0 1
zs ./mysavefile.fla -l 1 6 6 6
zs ./mysavefile.fla -l 2 9 1 1
That sets the winning lottery ticket numbers to 101 for the Night of the First Day, 666 for the 2nd night and 911 for the final night.

You can also just see the winning numbers by executing `zs ./mysave.fla $DAY_NUMBER` without the last 3 parameters.

As usual there is more info on the wiki page about the featured command.

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