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Originally Posted by rgg View Post
updated 2: i've tried to install it on the laptop and the same dialog box appears.
Originally Posted by millansoft View Post
any ideas?
Shot in the dark, but, try installing it to your Users name directory. e.g.

Wondering if there is a problem with permissions on Windows 10, not allowing Project64 to write/create the cfg files etc.

Does it change anything?

I've just changed the installer script to use the Users directory. Had to go back one level, as the old version of inno used doesn't support Windows 10 path constants.

DefaultDirName={userdocs}\..\Project64 2.3

If the problem on Windows 10 is installing into Program Files, this should fix it...
It might be time to update to the latest inno setup.
The new version will allow to specify which lines in the script run on specified versions of windows upto windows 10. So you could use program files for OS below windows 8, Users or users program files directory for above windows 8.

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