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Originally Posted by Squall_Leonhart View Post
several of those games don't have Dolby Surround at all and as i said, its a Stereo Pseudo surround. a DPL mixer will also not work as it not a Pro Logic signal.

Pro logic will only output 5.1 if the source is encoded in the PL format. so when set to PL it will only output as stereo.

Prologic 2 is the same as PL1, in that it will only provide proper 5.1 mixing when the audio signal is encoded to DPLII. However it will simulate a 5.1 environment by using advanced mixing. However since as i said, the N64 is only capable of Pseudo surround, It is only a upmixed stereo feed and will not have any positional or environmental audio effects.

First, Dolby Surround will work on a DPL mixer. Second, when you say "stereo pseudo surround" you make it sound like it's a stereo signal, with no surround information, being converted into 5.1. Where in reality it will give you a single surround channel because the channel is matrix-encoded into the audio. While it is not 5.1 surround sound, it still has some basic surround information (which is left, center, right, and mono surround).

From Dolby's website:
Dolby® Surround is the consumer version of the original Dolby multichannel analog film sound format (Dolby analog and Dolby SR [Spectral Recording]). When a Dolby Surround soundtrack is produced, four channels of audio information—Left, Center, Right, and Mono surround—are matrix-encoded onto two audio tracks. These two tracks are then carried on stereo program sources such as videotapes and TV broadcasts into the home, where they can be decoded by Dolby Pro Logic® to recreate the original four-channel surround sound experience.

Further reading:

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