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I know, reading EmuCR changelogs is part of my daily routine, one of the best sites on the Internet as long as you do not expect stable builds.

There also seems to be a bug in PD and GE with Glide and Counterfactor=1:

Outdoor levels, which run perfectly smooth with Jabo's plugins are unplayably slow with Glide. And in indoor levels, whenever the player faces into the direction where the level geometry is, even if it is behind walls, sound starts to crackle and frame rate goes down. When facing in any other direction, the game runs fine, this is especially weird at the beginning of PD level 1.

Counterfactor=2 fixes these problems but controls are jerky and unresponsive.

Blastcorps has the world map rendered more accurate in Glide, but suffers from enormous slowdowns, making Jabo the only plugin option again.

Same for Ogre Battle, Glide causes the audio to heavily crackle while Jabo runs perfectly fine.
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