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Sorry for triple posting.

@RPGMaster:I need to tell you how it should look after Hatcat has updated the actual save editor,hopefully you know how to add scrolling in specific parts of the GUI.

You could go ahead and make the GUI changes with null values and basic names for now.

For each set of jiggies,a scrollbar can be used to fit every level's ten jiggies of them in one space so the user does not have to switch to a different window entirely.
It will be tedious to name each jiggy by their relation to events.
For spawning jiggies,they will be combined as spawned with their respective collected flag.
Certain Jiggies will need to have a choice for the completed events so you can continue to use "objects" for my new Groggy etc. cloner codes to work.

For example,Groggy has to not be returned for his cloner code to work.
You can combine all of these altered events into a fix-for-fun checkbox.

Other collectables should be done the same way as jiggies,including the spawning cheato pages being combined to their respective page.

The "Has Glowbo" status can be placed at the same height with two checkboxes for Mumbo and Wumba respectively.
I think it should be titled "M/W Glowbo" and obviously placed in each level's slot.

Isle O' Hags can be considered an entire level with seperate names for each area's contents.

The musical notes of each level may be the most tedious ones to name (by location),unless my names are good enough.
You can simplify them by saying note two is "left of 1" while one is
"Rightmost On Green Diamond Pile" for example.

Honeycombs should not be hard at all.

Hopefully the Jinjos are specific to the area,and not by color.
Then again,that destroys all of my work for what color the Jinjo is,and also causes another problem with a certain colored Jinjo in an unmentioned location.

You also have levels opened and levels entered,as well as level in totals list which starts at 0x6FE for me.
I tested it by changing the in-game save status value by subtracting ten (FF-->EF) and saw that the totals list for Glitter Gulch Mine was immediately gone after switching levels back and forth,and returned after switching the value again.

All of the "first item grabbed message" flags can be put into one checkbox.

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