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Default Small pauses in a couple of BOSS games

I'm testing Top Gear Rally and World Driver Championship and both seem to have the same issue.

Every couple of minutes there is a small pause/long stutter as if the game goes out of sync and tries to re-sync. The rest of the time it's perfectly smooth but this one stutter is very intense as it lasts for many frames.

This issue appears in all emulators i tried, PJ64, Mupen and all three RetroArch cores. Changing various options/plugins don't help either but it does affect the issue in different ways. For instance instead of a long pause, you might get garbled sound for a while until it gets back on track.

I think this issue has something to do with the sound. Top Gear Rally was notoriously hard to emulate it's sound, only recently the game had it's music playing properly. So i think it's sound related. other BOSS games may be affected as well.
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