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Exclamation Control Config based on loaded ROM?

I'm making an attempt to get n64 games running on this little arcade PC of mine, and having a lot of fun adapting different sorts of games to a Street Fighter style set-up.(8-way joystick, 6 pushbuttons)

I started with Pokemon Stadium, mapping the d-pad and c-buttons to the joystick for simplicity's sake, but having the camera angle change every time you turn in F-Zero isn't as dramatic as it is confusing. Then of course there are issues with some games handling a lot better with the analog joystick completely ignored, while others shrug off the d-pad as completely useless. So I come to you now for suggestions on how to solve this problem.

I'm unaware of any options that will load specific control configurations depending on what ROM is loaded (ZSNES has something like that if you're not sure what I mean), nor can I find any sort of console command to load profiles on launch. The default input plugin was unable to handle multiple buttons mapped to the same input, though the other one (n-something) still doesn't exactly solve my problem.

So, in short, is there any way to have different control configurations set for different ROMs, or a way to load control profiles through startup commands, or any 3rd-party plugins that would help me do something similar to that?

Any help or suggestion would be greatly appreciated.

Project64 is still sweet though, don't get me wrong. (Sounds kinda like a rant, doesn't it? :/)