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Everyone that sees this,please test various games on recompiler and respond with your results.

I made an issue report a while back that has a handful of games already tested earlier but I still get the same results for the crash moments even after all of the new changes recently,but at least Banjo-Kazooie renders correctly now.

Anyone knowledgable enough can enable all of the debug logs to further assist in fixing the problems,primarily the random/specific/immediate crashes for many games on recompiler currently.

On a sidenote,I would be grateful to see a FullGL/OpenGL version of Glide64 added for devices like Shield TV (and other supported Tegra chips) to select from so graphics can display nearly identical to any desktop Nvidia card so that it won't be missing chunks of polygons to the point where,for example,Mario gets his foot amputated on the Single Player "Character VS. Mario Bros." screen.
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