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The reason I mentioned it because Mupen64Plus AE has the "Full GL" variant of GLideN64 for use with Shield TV that only took a single day for the developer fzurita to port over (kudos to his excellent skill of doing that so quickly) and it renders so much cleaner over the ES 3.1 variant with perfect near-plane clipping support and flawless feature support.

It was done soon after I mentioned how Dolphin Emu uses the Desktop GL portion of Shield TV with a supposedly simple command for optimal quality,although it now has Vulkan as well which works decently and matches GL's performance.
Not asking for Vulkan,just the apparently quick procedure of adding full desktop GL access for capable hardware which will most likely circumvent the issues it currently has and allow all of the features for 1:1 rendering identical to desktop Nvidia cards.

Maybe I can ask fzurita if he'd like to try making Glide64 render near perfectly with desktop GL on Mupen64Plus AE and maybe even PJ64 Android.
Then SM64 hacks could be played with better graphics and no missing chunks of polygons along with all other games that have chunks missing.
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