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Default Directx doesn't work

Originally Posted by ExtremeDude2 View Post
I'd say you need to update your DX runtimes, but I don't remember the link anymore. This is the best I can find:
I researched a little more in Google.
According to the results:

"Standard VGA Graphics Adapter"
"When a computer has no video card compatible drivers this driver is installed."

"For Directx to function properly, the video card manufacturer driver is required."

It's all right.
I installed the drivers through Windows Update.
The computer restarts. And blue screen. (Or death screen)

I restarted from safe mode and uninstalled the driver, which just happens to be the ideal driver for my video card, and now I have the computer running.

"Standard VGA Graphics Adapter" is a driver that makes it impossible to use DirectX, no matter how many times I reinstall it, the driver will always reject it.

Is there a plugin that doesn't use DirectX?
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