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For SM64 Last Impact to work "correctly" and render most things you have to use a Jabo graphics plugin (don't remember which version) because the hack was poorly coded to the point even Rice can't work well enough.
One way to run it is to use PJ64 1.6 or the 1.6.1 update found on Jabosoft.

Accurate plugins make some custom objects go invisible.
I wish someone would look into updating the custom objects to fix compatibility then globally fix the plugin compatibility issues (related to fog values in the hacks) with SM64 hacks in general so either Glide64 or GLideN64 could be used with zero issues.

Shadow depth is buggy on SM64 with Jabo's graphics for example.
I hope Kaze gets around to doing the remake of Last Impact that fixes most things to clean up all of the problems.

Note; If you use a new version of PJ64 like late 2.4 nightly builds,there is an option in "edit game settings" (unhide advanced settings) made exclusively for stuff like SM64 hacks that allows unaligned DMA to prevent the freezes that would happen normally.
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