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Originally Posted by HatCat View Post
Hard to really know what you mean.

The PR I linked to was quoting history, not changing it. It is fact that variable-size RDRAM allocations were made possible by that commit; there's no "history change" about it.

I hardly see room for conclusion that I was bragging, either. The PR I linked to moreover was to clean up the case-by-case switch model of the function to have some mathematical algorithm to it. Incidentally, this allowed any-size RDRAM settings. It's nothing for me to brag about, and it's nothing for you to get jealous and butthurt over either.
Interesting.. Thanks for explaining the inner working of your thoughts.. However, I am unsure what you are even talking about, except the jealous part.

If I had your talent I wouldn't be trolling or barging in threads that I don't do PR requests like its beneath me. I would be supporting the project, and giving positive posts to help the community grow.

I asked for zilmar to add a pull down menu to the GUI, and pointed out that it was already implemented if a person wants to achieve it via the config file.

Its simple really, and if he does it great! If you want to hijack the thread because you don't see a need for the addition, I am also OK with that.

I just want to remind people that you are more than welcome to support PROGRESSIONS.
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