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Originally Posted by Luigi_fan_12 View Post is too exspencive. i can get 3 n64 games from a pawn shop for 10$. what makes the wii soo special that i have to pay 6$ more for a damn game?
2.there is a newer version of wii64. its compatable with WAY more games with most of them runing at full speed. (Making the wii strong enought to handle it.)

Sadly it still cant run DK64(at all)

I think it would be a big think for PJ64 to make the first (almost)perfect N64 Emulator for the wii
Did not see any latest replies but:
Wii64 can actually play DK64. Have to go to options and turn on skip story intros. However the camera keeps having issues with jerking and the audio is jerky as well. What is really odd is that MKT, and MK4 wont work. MKT is a 2D game not 3D which would suggest it would run smoother. I agree that a PJ64 would be great on the Wii or even working with the developers of Wii64 but if there is not to be a PJ64 for Wii then I guess we all have to wait till they fix the bugs.
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