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Originally Posted by Squall_Leonhart View Post
yeah, it would be a problem AS THE EMULATOR IS x86!

jesus, go nag the fuckwits at mupen.
That wouldn't fucking matter, mate. If the source was readily available, you CAN build it for other architectures (given that it may take a bit of time to translate all the specific calls, etc to that new platform), not just x86, fuckwit. And it's not really even x86, it's specifically built for Windows OSs utilizing x86 processors. Stating that it is x86 (in general) would constitute the open belief that it would support all OSs running on x86 platforms (i.e. Linux, BSD, BeOS, OSX, etc), which it doesn't. However, it does run in WINE (google it) decently.

I only responded to this thread specifically due to the title, porting this software to the Wii, not to get into an argument nor flamewar, so chill the fuck out, man.
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