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Frying Pan Image Mod (ConkerGuru)
8009CF20 00xx
Ported to NTSC.
38-39=Baseball Bat/L&R Default
3A=Samurai Sword
8B=Butterfly Net!!!

Other values later,or you can get C.Guru's list here...

You have to be a logged in member,and I am not.

Edit:New model found!

Gas Mask Image Mod
8009D570 00xx
8009D590 00xx
0F=Happy Teeth (PUT ON A HAPPY FACE!!!)
10=Scary Teeth
12=Sickness Tongue! (KISS Fans)
42,43=Default,Lines are Wearing/Putting On
18,18=Frying Pan LOL
18,43=Transforms Into Frying Pan
42,18=Whoops,wrong item!
Other values for either line...
21=Stabbed By Knife!
22=By Three Knives
28=Helmet Light (light is on)
36=Pingas! NSFW (actually in the right place O_O)
37=Wearing A Chainsaw
3E=Nuclear Warhead (on his head!)
46=Black Gas Mask (doesn't fit)
47=Gas Mask Again??? (doesn't fit)
5A-5C=New Hairstyles!!!
5E=Wear Tiger Head-dress!
73=Wooden Stake In Heart!
77=Electric Chair Helmet
79=Time To...*puts on sunglasses* Kick Some GAS!!! (matrix sunglasses)
85=Helmet Hair???
9E=Detonator In Head

Conker Looks At Camera (ConkerGuru)
800CC5C9 000x
800CC5CB 0000
Ported to NTSC.

Edit: Positioning for images found.

Gas Mask Wear Position
8009D571 00xx
02=Left Arm
03=Left Shoulder
04,05,06=Left Hand
07=Right Arm
08=Right Shoulder
09,0A,0B=Right Hand
0D-0E=Above Head
0F=Almost Default
10=Left Knee
11=Left Leg
12-13=Left Foot
14=Right Knee
15=Right Leg
16-17=Right Foot
18=Tail (doesn't look like it,pingas)
19=Tailbone (looks like butt protection!)
1A=Tail Storage
1B=Tail Tip
1C=Not Visible

Example Difference (sick tongue+position)
8109D570 1200
Tongue appears on lowest part of Conker's jacket with 1200.
1201=On Zipper
120F=On Nose

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