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When you "die",actions will repeat.
Just something I threw together to keep Conker from dying in many ways and allows more mobility when:

1. Sinking in deep sh**. (can jump out of it after "drowning" in it)
2. Exploding from an insane fall. (stay visible while extra pieces on the ground)
3. Squished by something.
4. Headshots. (can walk around without a head,normally possible if you time Levitate right with infinite health cheat)
5. Death from last health hit. (required activator to bring health back to one)
6a. Getting burnt by lava. (keeps you on fire after "death" happens)
6b. It looks cool when you are always on fire.
7. Getting sliced by the U-bend tunnel. (you can see your own top half!/you are only a butt with legs!)

It does break some stuff,even before dying,such as the final boss can't be knocked over for grabbing.

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