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Bee-bee-boo-bop, bee-bee-boo-beep.

Bomberman Hero (U)

8004A822 000D
For consistent 60fps.

Madden Football 64 (U)

Sixty Frames
8007130D 0001
Animations still choppy,especially the title screen.

Mega Man 64 (U)

WTF? Sixty?!?
800D1013 0001
800D1043 0001
Too fast,uses the game rate addresses that are oddly defaulted to 02 this time,so Mega Man 64 actually runs at half speed.
Stunning to see a game natively do this by default,audio stays the same but gets cut short due to faster speeds.
This needs a slowdown code to accompany its overly-fastness.

Nightmare Creatures (U)

810C24B2 041A
Makes it stay at 60fps more,set CounterFactor/CountPerOp to 1.

S.C.A.R.S (U)

Sixty Frames (odd again)
802ADD4B 0001
802ADD7B 0001
Too fast like the other one,tis' a shame.

Turok - Dinosaur Hunter (U) (V1.0)

Sixty Frames
800F9FE7 0001
800FA177 0001
800FA307 0001
Too fast. *sigh*

Turok 3 - Shadow of Oblivion (U)

Sixty Frames
8013D9E7 0001
8013DB1F 0001
Also too fast but looks amazing,sorry no Turok 2 code yet if I can even find it.

bee-boo-boo-bop, boo-boo-beep.
Bee-boo-boo-boo-boo-bop, bee-boo-boo-bop, boo-boo-bee-bop?
Not bee-boo-boo-beep? Bop? Beep? Boo-boo-bop?

EDIT: Turok's real 60fps codes are on this linked post.

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