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Default Add 30 FPS Frame-Limiter

Can we add a 30 FPS Frame-Limiter? Simple click function right under the "Remove Frame-Limiter" option.

1) The games were designed to run at 30 FPS/anything higher breaks some games./It's more authentic.

2) For those of us running potatoes that like consistency, not sudden drops from 60 to 20 frames per second.

3) Games already tend to run on the emulator natively at 60 FPS/there is already an option to remove the Frame Limit.

4) Simple user-friendly customization.

Side-note, I use Project 64 because as clusterf*cky as the N64 scene is, it's the most no fuss no muss thing available atm.

I'm not a diehard for replication at the cost of performance and gameplay, I just don't want the games to look feel or to be a effing programmer just to fire up an old game/deal with bugs and drives and stuff/I want the same features the original console offered or better.

IE, start up and go about the same-ish as the console or better for us dumb-dumbs.
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