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I really wish someone would try to make 60fps work properly without the audio quirks that break things but it will most likely take enabling expansion pack support since the game always takes up almost all of the RDRAM most of the time.

Sometimes with 60fps enabled,the war plane crash scene can actually crash it and usually ends up with graphic effects overloading and vanishing during the explosion.

I am honestly curious what it would be like if the Live and Reloaded version (shamefully censored) was forced to run at 60fps via console hack or in emulation. (if it eventually gets past the freezing after booting on either emulator)
Haven't seen any evidence of it running on Xenia via the xbox 360 equivalent release. (wished there was footage/I swear there was a 360 release of that game,and the Banjo games can run on Xenia fine)
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