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Since the forum trolled me by being down,here is part of what I have in store tomorrow.

Super Smash Bros. 64 (U)

Size Modifier Info;

Note:All searches done in PJ64 b23/ver23 because all 2.0 updates suck in the fact that they crash when attempting to search the memory.
Since PJ64 2.0 is open source,somebody please make a fixed version of 2.0 with the memory search no longer crashing the emulator.

Search in 0x00200000 for the 32bit value of 0x80265C90 and move up until reaching three identical size values.
This is where P1's size modifier is always extremely close to.
It is always the same way regardless of what character you are playing as.
The location of any give size modifier will always be the same as long as the conditions always match,such as P1-Mario VS P2-Luigi in Hyrule.
Change Luigi to,say,Yoshi,and the address location for Mario will be in a completely different spot.

Example:P1 is Donkey Kong in Hyrule VS Mode,his size values are 3FA00000.
Searching for 0x80265C90 will yield only one result which takes you directly to the approximate location of the size modifier for the current P1 character.

Regardless of player,the default size is always the same.

Pikachu's default size is 3F733333.
You can easily search this 32bit size value to find both P1 and P2 sizes while both players are Pikachu,allowing you to make both players giant or either tiny.
You can even invert their sizes to be upside down!

I also found a funny variable starting at 4B.
Use 4C to explode your character,LOL,it is C4 backwards!
Change to 48 and you become a piece of the current stage!
Change it to 28-20 for some creepy always facing you in pause camera and other effects. (works best with unrestricted camera)

{end of 1st post}

We really need some pointer codes for size modifiers and other cool codes so they can work regardless of what characters are being used.

Luckily,Address locations are the same whether or not any given player is an X level CPU or normal/human player.

Link sizes in VS Hyrule stage.

Link Skipped Leg-day (P2)
81310618 4000
8031061D 00C0
81310620 4000
Player 1 must be Pikachu and in Hyrule,otherwise crashes if not Pikachu.
VS Mode,crashes after leaving round.
Activate when in a battle.

Link's Huge Arm (P2)
80310860 0040
80310864 0040
80310868 0040
P1 must be Pikachu.
VS Mode in Hyrule,doesn't crash on exit.

Permanent size finder...

Global search values;


Edit:inconsistent value

3F 73 33 33

Pikachu VS Pikachu in VS Hyrule size address locations:

P1 Pikachu Size Mod (3F73=Default)
812F1968 xxxx
812F196C xxxx
812F1970 xxxx
Only works when P2 is also Pikachu and in Hyrule.

P2 Pikachu Size Mod (3F73=Default)
812F7618 xxxx
812F761C xxxx
812F7620 xxxx
Only works when P1 is also Pikachu and in Hyrule.

This is where pointer codes would come in handy.
Without them,you would have 800+ combinations for each character and the four players.
(and that's without polygons or metal mario)
So,somebody please make and post a pointer code and an example code for modifying P1 or P2's conditions such as size modifier regardless to what players or stage is used.

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