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Default My experience with 2.2 so far

Hi all. I am a long-time user of Project64 and have been very happy with it. I stuck to version 1.6 for a long time, and with the 1.6.1 patch have had almost no problems at all. I had issues with timing, A/V glitches, crashes, etc. with the early 2.x releases so was a bit reluctant to try 2.2. After a brief bit of testing many of those issues seem to be gone however there are a few things I would appreciate input on...

a) Several plugins are missing out of the box e.g. Jabo's DirectInput plugin, D3D6 Graphics plugin (1.5.2), the No Sound plugin, zilmar's audio, and the (outdated) RSP emulation plugin, possibly more. Is there a reason for excluding these? It's simple enough to copy them from a 1.6 install, so no prob.

b) How come the installer is no longer extractable using 7-zip? Never mind. I reckon it's so users will have to go through the motions and possibly install the "madware" (my terminology for bundled malware/adware). I cautiously avoided it, but can see how one could easily make the mistake of clicking next instead of skip. Anyway, an easy way to make 2.2 portable for later is to install it to Program Files or wherever, then copy all the files except unins000.dat and unins000.exe to a new folder somewhere. Done! Feel free to uninstall after that and start using the portable. I was contemplating zipping it up and attaching it to a post for whoever wants it, but that would probably piss off the admins/devs. Correct me if I'm wrong? My instructions are dead easy in any case.

c) After installing 2.2 I copied all my saved games (not states) from 1.6 to 2.2's save folder. After trying to play [game] the saves were not being read. I opened up the save folder and saw a new save for [game] had been created, called [game]_Cont_1.mpk, so I deleted the _Cont_1 mpk and appended that name to the save I had copied and it worked fine. This happened with both N-rage and Jabo's DInput plugins. What is the purpose of _Cont_1 anyway?

d) There's a lot of cracking in the audio in the games I've tested so far (just the Zelda titles) and with all the different audio plugins. I enabled the Sync game to audio option in Jabo's DSound and it has gone away (so far). I am using the (E) version for playing with a texture pack and am getting a steady 50 VI/second, so no performance hit to speak of. How come this option is disabled on games that experience this issue? Am I correct in assuming it is because it degrades performance in some cases? Is there a patch or something to enable it for the affected games versus doing so manually?

e) Dammit, my train of thought has derailed. I will repost/edit when I remember what else I was gonna say

Phew, sorry about the long-ass post. Thanks for any help.

P.S. Happy Easter, and congratulations Project64 team for 10 years developing such an awesome emulator
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