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yeah right.

Could you please
  1. Send a save state (* file) of the issue, via some file upload service or attachment to the forum here? Make the save state file by pressing F5 while the game is playing. Do this just before the game crashes and says PJ64.exe has stopped working. When I load the save state it will take me to the point of where you made it, and I'll see if it crashes on my machine too. Please grab the file from $Project64\Save, again it will be named something like THE LEGEND OF or w/e when you press F5.
  2. Change the graphics plugin. Options :: Settings..., change the video plugin from "Jabo's Direct3D" to "zilmar's Basic CFB Plugin", which is not an available option until you can install the CFB.dll file which you can download from this zip archive here: . Download that to the "Plugin" subfolder of where Project64 is installed.
  3. Start the game using the CFB plugin, and press F7 to load the save state you made. See if it still crashes. Also don't forget to change the video plugin back to Jabo's Direct3D when you're done testing.
  4. Tell how you are loading the game in Project64? Are you using the ROM browser to see a label like "Bad ROM? Please check GoodN64 for AASADHHHHHSDFSDFGK BREAKPOINTFOUND IN INTERPRETER OPS.C++ LINE 666" or do you use File > Open ROM to load the game or w/e?