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Originally Posted by ExtremeDude2 View Post
yeah right.

Could you please


Why not just hand him some legal forms while we're at it?
  1. We are in no way affiliated with Mupen, Kaillera, what's-his-face, or the prezzuhdint. Any assumption of affiliation with the above listed and unlisted parties will enable us to serve the involved a court order. In doing so we will ascertain the true meaning of your life's work, and take it as our own.
  2. The reader takes full responsibility for any 404's, 405's, 502's, 727's, 42's, missing children, Obama, his Mother's terrible cooking, the reader's mother's terrible cooking, the reader's terrible cooking, the aforementioned what's-his-face, nuclear war, radio broadcasts, television broadcasts and inevitable reality T.V. shows, internet pictures, lolcat memes, rage face comics, lolwut comics, potatoes, cats, dogs, birds, parakeets, the assumption that parakeets aren't birds, burning cars, burning buildings, burning fires, firing rifles, smoldering rifles, ice cold rifles, ice cold beers, regular cold beers, warm beers, fizzy beers, flat beers, flat tires, round tires, wet tires, wet noses, dry noses, dry heaves, dry leaves, autumn leaves, and several issues that deal with common sense.
  3. The reader agrees to not complain if we find the need to: Search his/her house, search his/her car, search his/her person, search his/her person while whistling Barry White, search Barry White while whistling his/her, commandeer his/her house for a party, commandeer his/her car for a party, take his/her dog out for a drive, take his/her dog out to a bar, ask his/her dog out on a date, blame him/her for various things, drink while driving, drink while driving him/her to the airport, refusing to drive him/her to the airport, laughing at his/her inability to get to aforementioned airport.

Please sign here


Thank you for choosing Project 64!

In all seriousness though, do you find a game to play by choosing File > open rom > %Previouslymentionedrom%? Or do you have a directory set? If the former, choose the latter. If the latter, does it say it's compatible? Even so, try another rom anyway.