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The list you suggested kinda seems rather unbalanced. For example, there is one category on graphics emulation, but none on sound and input. Now, obviously, a blog on sound and input emulation would not have a lot of news in it, especially compared to graphics, but that's why I think the categories should not be divided into individual plugin performance and emulation. Also, 'features', regarding news of added features, would kind of fall under development in a way.

I think it would be hard to have a proper organization of all considered categories. Who knows; you might end up adding categories later on, but I think just having a single page containing all news topics as it is now is simple enough. You probably could manage a good organization of categories, but I don't see the point in it. Yes, it organizes the news posts, but it doesn't really make things easier or harder overall for the viewer. Although, actually, if you're doing to starting making a lot of updates soon, at least weekly, maybe even daily, then organization of the updates into categories would be useful.

I'll still try to come up with a list, either way. Perhaps, five topics, all regarding the five areas of development of Project64? If you just put Development down, then there isn't much left to organize that doesn't fall under that, so...


These five terms could have the world 'development' after them for clarification.

yes, some people prefer to look into plugin developement over core development news and vice versa, but all of these people are sure to have one interest in common when viewing the site news: The development of Project64, being the purpose of this whole website, being why I chose five development sections instead of various categories tht are unequal in worth and contrast each other.
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