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I want to request some codes from you, but iīm not really sure if this is allowed here in your thread (if you even accept requests). I even registered here on this Site just so i can post you this.

Okay, i see that you really experienced with all this 60 FPS codes for many N64 games. I recently finally got the "WWF: No Mercy (U 1.1)" Rom which is a revised version of the original 1.0 Version. The reason i want to use this version over the other are not simple changes in this game. Maybe you know already know something about the infamous bug that deleted the save files of this game. Well, here in this 1.1 Version they got rid of this bug.
Now, what does that have to do with you?
I collected many great codes for this game, but there are all from the 1.0 Version, for the 1.2 Version there was sadly not much interest anymore.
Could you maybe take a look into this game? I could send you the correct Rom per PM if you want to have this version for testing.
I actually want only two codes. The first one is the "Complete Entrance Hack". The code for the 1.0 Version is on the following site:

(Please delete the spaces. Canīt post links to other sites yet)

It starts at the:
"Universal Codes\Full Intros"

The second code i would love to have is a complete music disabler. I found one for the 1.0 Version, but of course it does not work for the 1.1 one and also i think it only disables the Battle Music. I would also need one for the menu music too.
811533F8 0000

And the third and last code would be one that is in your strength. Finding the code to activate 60 FPS in this game.

I could live without the "Complete Entrance" Code, but the other two are a must have for this game. Please, please, please take a look into this.

Sorry for this long post. But you are really my only hope.
Thanks much for reading this and helping me out.
And also, thanks for still doing stuff like this what you do.

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