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Diddy Kong Racing (U) (V1.0)

Crazy Smoke Puffs On Boss Race Start
8001F5A3 002E

Buggy Menu Box Appearances
8001F5BF 0040

Missing Music
8001F63F 0000

Constant Fading Loop While Racing
8001F7BB 003F

Hard Mode Fog
8001F7BF 007B

Weird Creature Camera Magnetism
8101FDDC 2405
8101FDDE 0000

Small Dinosaur
8001FEF8 00E7

Displaced Camera and Dinosaur
8001FF9B 0058
Bosses too in some cases.

Flying Dinosaur
8001FFC7 0030

Crazy Tricky Start
8002023B 0004
80020243 00F8
80020244 00E4
80020248 00E7

Tricky Tramples You To Death
800203E7 0000

Dumb Boss Start
800204AF 0004

Fast Responses
80020577 0001
Boss race starts sooner.

Broken Boss Races
8002072E 0040

Moonwalking Dinosaur
8002089E 00C0

Barrel Roll Starting Camera
80020B57 0001
Other funny things happen.

Boss Race Oddity???
81021410 1000

Frozen Hazard Objects
8002141F 0078
Tricky pillars stay in place.

One AI Racer On Tracks
8000CF7F 0002
01=No AI Racers (cheat mode)
03-07=2-6 AI Racers

Missing Bosses
8000D0AF 0001
Works on recompiler only?

Double Carpet Taj Challenge
80022963 0004

Alt Double Carpet Challenge
8002296B 0000

Taj Challenge Music Mod
80022993 00xx
06=New File Intro
07=Title Screen Theme
08=Darkmoon Caverns/Credits
09=Jungle Falls
0A=Ancient Lake
0B=Frosty Village
0C=Unusued Song?!?
0D=Fossil Canyon
0E=Hot Top Volcano (good choice for Taj)
0F=Whale Bay
10=Walrus Cove
14=Island Hub (all instruments)
15=Island Party
16=Everfrost Peak
17=Wizpig's Wrath?
18=Level Hubs/Race Results
1A=Character Select (all instruments)
1C=Boss Beaten
1F=Greenwood Village
20=Taj Talk Theme
21=Animal Ambience?
22=Key Challenges
23=Ocean Ambience
24=T.T. Talk Theme
25=Crescent Island
26=Failed Boss Cutscene?
27=Star City/Spacedust Alley
28=Boulder Canyon (both parts combined)
29=Tricky Boss Wind Effect?
2A=Spaceport Alpha
33=Ominous Wizpig Music
34=Boss Activated Cutscene
37=Wizpig Races
39=Boss Race Music
3A=Wizpig Crashes Rocket
3B=Everyone Celebrating 1
3C=Celebrating 2
3F=Haunted Woods
40=Wizpig Head Ghosts
41=Pirate Lagoon

Altered Taj Challenge Music
81022996 xxxx
0001=Blue-balls Main Loop (1 instrument)
0004=Left Ear Bongo
0008=Right Ear Drum
0020=Fast Right Ear Drum?
0040=Gong Ambience?
0080=Rythmix Clap
0100=Spanish Guitar?
0200=Another Instrument
0400=Another Instrument

Taj Challenge Song Blue-balls You
800229A3 0058
Never playing the other instruments,the same starting loop.

Fast Taj Challenge Start
80022A0F 0002

Broken Taj Race
80022A1F 006C

Taj Starts On Top Of You
80022A66 00C2

Head Start Against Taj
80022AA3 005E

Taj Not Moving On Races
80022BAB 0001

Buggy Taj Carpet Image Mod
80022BAF xxxx
Probably already found this.
01=Krunch In Car
D2=Auto Lose?!?

Carpetless Taj Races
80022BD7 0000

Taj Lazy Challenge
80022C0F 0001
He doesn't race you,but you can still beat the challenge

Tricky Races In Place Of Taj
80022BAF 00D9
80022C1B 0005

Taj Ghostly Carpet
80022C37 007F

Lingering Taj Racer
80022EDF 0002
Cool effect of repositioning Taj himself.
Easy to soft-lock.

Cancel Challenge For Dancing Taj
80022EF3 0060

Alt Dancing Taj
80022F01 0000
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