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Default also nothing really to say

If you frickin' searched, I wouldn't have to say anything at all. And wait, what finger?

I will though. The same idea got some nice responses here. But there are threads with questions like this that date farther back, so he wasn't really given an answer.

When someone asked if he himself could port PJ64, zilmar said the following:

Originally Posted by zilmar View Post
If you already have it working with pj64, great. I am not going to complain about you using pj64. Not going to endorse it either.

If you need to modify source to get your solution working, probaly best to use mupen64.

I have very little spare time. If I had more time I would do more for pj64.
This thread, although about the Wii instead of the PS3, has the same basic idea: he wants us to take our time- I mean zilmar's time, to port to a console.

Then of course, there's this which, even though about the icrap-er I mean iphone, zilmar gives a very blunt and good answer.

This one is about the Wii too, but the answer goes for all the systems.
And then of course, Zilmar said that he has very little spare time, and somewhere else, which I can sadly not find, he says that in order to port it to something like a Wii or PS3, he has to basically tear down the core of PJ64, as it is made for Windows, and restructure it according to the system he would port it to. Basically it's like building another emulator completely, which, seeing as how this one has taken at least ten years already, you wouldn't get it for a while.

Of course, Squall says it so much better :P

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