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Default Controller Suggestions

I love this emulator. It is the best emulator out there for N64 and with the latest version getting rid of the adware and adding new features makes this emulator amazing. I also love how I can use XInput now also! I just have a few minor suggestions that would make the emulator better.

1: Adding a way to load certain controller configs in-game. So lets say for Game A I like to have my Xbox 360 D-Pad be the C-Pad and my Xbox 360 Right Stick be the D-Pad but in Game B I like it to be vice versa. Please add a hotkey for each controller 1-4 that can cycle through controller configs.

2: Disable controller input in-game. Add a hotkey that will disable/enable controller input so this way if I am using the Steam Overlay with a DInput controller it will not control the game and the overlay at the same time.

If what I said above is possible. Please tell me how you did it. But besides that those are my only two wishes for this emulator.
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