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Default 360 Controller RUMBLE

This is an issue that pops up from time to time. There are a few ways to go about this. Either simply switch to an XInput input plugin such as the latest crop of NRage plugins. Within the plugin you switch to XInput and can change the Control PAK to a RUMBLE PAK.


You can go HERE. Translate the page and download and install the ENGLISH version of the driver. If you have a 64bit OS then choose the x64. The x86 is for 32bit systems. Since you've got Windows 10 choose the Windows 7 download. Download and run the installer and trust it if prompted (i.e. Run Anyway).It's SAFE. Choose complete install.

No restart should be required and after installing you should be able to use whatever input plugin you'd prefer! RUMBLE should now be an available option and testing should work.


If you've tried this before then choose uninstall when first opening the installer. Close it afterwards and then re-run it choosing a complete install.
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