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Odd,I just tested the Zelda code and made a tree far enough away to pop out of existence then enabled it to find the tree appear once again.
Unless you mean the left/right corners of the screen with a widescreen hack,actually due to the problem known as culling.

I used the tree near the Lon Lon Ranch section in Hyrule Field and looked at it from the wall near the Kakariko Village stairs.

I hugged the wall and stepped forward to align the camera and tested the default value (changes work in real-time on my end) and back to the code's value,this had the tree appearing when the code is in use and disappearing when the default 4608 value was set in the memory viewer.

I could hopefully attempt to find these now in a few other games.

Edit: Bushes are visible from extreme distances too,I keep running out of low ground and hills keep obscuring my view! LOL

Butterflies may be actor related sadly.

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