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Default Scanline testing AL's RDP

I was doing some messing around with AL's code, and I managed to implement scanlines. I figured I would share for those who were interested.

I have tested on my Panasonic TV at a resolution of 1080P

I have included 3 downloads for a few different resolutions, and would like to implement a configure button in the future that would allow you to enable/disable scanlines, along with window size multiplier.

Please share your thoughts.


There is the custom DLL now, and updated source:
You can now change the resolution and enable and disable various things.

BACKSPACE = Change Window Resolution
HOME = Dither ON/OFF
END = Bilinear Filter HACK
PG DWN = Filters OFF except GAMA
PG UP = Scanlines ON/OFF

Thanks AIO for the mentoring. I learned a little today.
Book recommendation!

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