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i definitely agree i'm playing right now with only a keyboard and it's starting to lose exitement when i have to go out of fullscreen and watch the window for the "visual rumble" that only nrage's controller plugin seems to support. and even though i'm going to buy a controller with a rumble feature and the correct amount of buttons(wish i could buy a wireless n64 controller that won't break at the joystick though T-T) it would still be nice to have the same kind of visual rumble feature that the gamecube has where the screen shakes(or at least something that is similar or even Azmodon's suggestion of a icon would be nice).

also Azmodon: i recommend adding a poll to this thread so people can vote for the feature to be added that way it will become more clear to jabo(or whoever is the one making the paks that his controller plugin uses) that a rumblepak and a proper visual rumble would be much apreciated.
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