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Originally Posted by V1del View Post
randomizer how do you expect anyone to take you seriously if you constantly talk about things with outdated information and as soon as someone calls you out on your out-of-datedness you immediately think that they hate you? You can have bad memory for all I care but constantly repeating the same old stuff that hasn't been true for years gets really old after a while. M64Py is the semi-official GUI now and just had a release including up to date builds like a month ago. RetroArch also keeps up rather well, where do you get that the m64p core is outdated from? It may be if you only run stable releases, but that are what the nightly builds are here for
To answer why I said what I said, hell if I know.... Shows what I know. How the hell was I supposed to know what's changed with the emulator? I can't seem to find them on Google Code, tried googling nightly builds, didn't find them.
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Oh, and Snes9x > Zsnes in every way

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