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Same prob here with the lastest atom chip. Try this:
For a number of years now I've had the original EEEPC701 - so thats a GMA900 chipset with 900 MHz Intel Celeron M ULV 353 @ 630 MHz/900 Mhz o/c-ed - all at 800x480 on XP 32bit

This ran most everything fine (without o/c-ing to boot)- my example is no noticable slowdown for Cruisin USA (an oddly demanding game) or Wipeout

Now I've upgraded to a much more recent and faster model - EEEPC 1015px - an Atom N570 - 1.66Ghz Dual Core (hyperthreading) with Intel GMA3150 all on 1024x600 on Win 7 64-bit

Now every single other emulator (and I have...'a few') shows a large increase in performance on this new beast even at the new res - obvioulsy those emu's that make use of the extra features show a massive increase. Nothing whatsover shows worse performance at the new res...except:

But poor old PJ64 (only have 1.6 - using a recent RDP) now can't play many games without massive slowdown. This has shocked me to the core! Luckily super mario seems ok, but a fair few games have fallen...its so cruisin usa there is down to 30-40 fps sometimes, stuttering like hell, and going out of fullscreen down to 640x480 makes no difference whatsoever. CPU shows 25% usage throughout. I cannot make this go up by doing anything eg: upping priority of pj64 process etc....

Obvioulsy its a bit hard to be scientific here as much has changed. But the settings of Pj64 remain identical to the old OS and PC except going to the native LCD res

Care to guess what's most likely to be up here?
*Yup pentium class should be one but doesn't make a difference elsewhere, *yup 64-bit should be one but doesn't make a difference elsewhere
*same win win7
*same with resolution
*same with multithreading

I'll try the audio suggestion...anything else?

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